Printing and Digital Graphic Design Services

Once used to be the domain of artists, professional sign painters and calligraphers, designers and professional printers, printing and graphic design has become routine nowadays with the advent modern technological advances, that of computer and digital design programs.With comparatively little training needed in order to familiarize one’s self with these modern tools, almost anyone, evenwithout artistic flair, can produce seemingly competent designs. No wonder, the printing business is in boom.

We at Kyro Core Printing Services embrace these technological advances. But we only use these as tools—our baseline to showcase our creativity.
We have creative layout artists and designers as well as skilled writers that produce beautiful, unique, fit to the purpose, and highly-personalized designs.
We consider every technical and artistic elements, including fonts, colors, motif, and layout and combine them in the best possible way in order to convey the message and the mood exactly how you wanted them.

Aside from visual aspects, we also place special emphasis on the writingaspect, including spelling, grammar and style. Neglected by most designers, this particular aspect of design is as important as the visual aspect. We have to put equal weight on these aspects;because, simply—we use them both.

One can easily imagine how a visually perfect designbeing ruined entirely by a singlespelling or typographical error.In fact, it is even more acceptable to have mediocre visual design than it is to have one that contains a writing error.

We at Kyro Core believe that every design is reflection of your taste and of your belief that we can only enhanceand can bring out through our skills and artistic creativity.
We understand also that any designs that you want us to produceare personally important to you, that, almost always, the designs are attached to some special occasions, such as birthday, baptism, wedding, awardingand graduation. More than anyone else, we understand that what you want is something that is both presentable and memorable.
That is why, inevery design, we commit ourselves to applying our best technical and artistic skills, ensuring that it is free from artistic inconsistencies andfrom embarrassing or even offending grammatical errors—perfect in every respect. Whatever design we give comes with the assurance that it is something that you can present proudly presentedandbeautifully remembered.

We at Kyro Core provide layout design services, according to your needs, from personal to business; and your target media, from web publishing toprinting purposes.

We provide printing services using different processes, ranging from traditional silk screen printing, hand lettering,inkjet printing, heat transfer, to vinyl sticker and sublimation. This makes us capable of printingon different kinds of media, including paper, fabric, plastic, metal, tarpaulin, wood, concrete, glass, ceramic, leather, rubber, Styrofoam and vinyl.
As such, we can offer variety of items for layout and printing. These include documents, such as calling cards, certificate, programs, invitation,identification cards; signage, including banners,signage,backdrop and Panaflex; and souvenir items, including t-shirts, mugs, trophies and medals, wall clocks, umbrellas, jigsaw puzzles, ref magnets, decal stickers, key chains, button pins, calendar, circular fan, lanyard, ecobag, and paper bags.

Apart from these, we also have allied services to complement, namely rush ID pictures, PVC and EVA plasticlamination, bookbinding,product branding and logo design, and even as simple as encoding.

So whether for personal use, corporate or occasion—for all your design and printing needs, you can always depend on us to deliver with perfection.

For at Kyro Core,it is our commitment to maintain that our design and printing services the art that they are.