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The need for security implies that someone or something very important needs protecting. It could be your family, your properties or your business. A fundamental requirement for business today, closed circuit television(CCTV) provides security through constant monitoring of your entire operation. Around your business establishment premises, the visible presence of CCTV cameras can potentially prevent crimes, including vandalism, burglary, trespassing and theft. Especially importantat night, CCTV Philippines, with a night vision capability, also provides the same protection as during daytime. Inside your establishment, CCTV camera for sale allows you to monitor and assess your business, including customer transactions, movement of stocks, employees’ activities,and even immediate problems, which allows you to manage it real-time even from a distance.

More importantly, having a CCTV camera system in your establishment is an indication of your concern for your clients and staff. Being monitored constantly, people with malicious intents are prevented from committing crimes within your entire establishment. With your business having a reputation for being safe, you can always count not only on keeping your employees, but also on your customers to continue patronizing your business. At home, CCTV has also become an essential addition. Aside from the usual concern of protecting your properties, it has an even more crucial function—that of keeping your loved ones from harm.

Such harm includes natural ones, like fire, flood, accidents and disasters. However, even more serious are crimes that may actually come from household workers, especially those employed and have been entrusted to protect the welfare of children and the elderly. Whatever it is you are protecting, whether it’s your family or your business,being the person most concerned about their safety,puts you in a very demanding position, particularly if you have other important things to attend to. But you can always do your job protecting them by having a reliable surveillance system installed at home or office. Having them installed can already reduce man-made risk considerably. Yet, with the ability of current CCTV systems to relay real-time information at your request puts you in even greater command of your security. With your security system set up, even if you are away or on travel, you will always have a peace of mind, knowing that the things and people you value most are safe and sound.

We at Kyro Core understand your concerns. We believe that whatever is worth protecting must be protected well. Otherwise, it is not worth protecting at all. That is why,according to the demands of your home or business, we provide complete and the best CCTV installation—one that is comprehensive, where everything that is to be covered is covered; and one with complete integrity that the whole system cannot be undermined. We do not compromise. We guarantee that everything is considered, including physical, human, procedural and technical factors. We make sure that all rules and principles of good security are strictly followed,from the initial assessment of your area, to the installation of the CCTV camera system, up to the implementation of proper security protocols.

We start with a survey of your area, to assess strengths and vulnerabilities,taking into account, lighting condition, weather, and physical and human factors in order to identify points of installation that is both economical and ideal, and compliant to government regulations as well. Next, we offer the best packages according to your needs and your budget, giving you the option of choosing only the best reviewed and tried and tested brands in the market that we ourselves have tested.

The choice of customizing your system, if there’s a need,will be the next step. Aside from the prescribed installation practices, customizing your system by adding redundancies, implementing cross monitoring, having an isolated video recording room or even a mock system, which will give you an additional layer protection to your system by preventing it from being tampered, stolen, disabled, and undermined altogether. This is especially important in high risk areas, including banks, points of sale, and ATMs, among others.

Installation of the system comes next.We have competent and skilled installers that have excellent workmanship who will give you not only functional but also clean and neat installation. After installation, we will subject the whole CCTV system to thorough testing, to make sure that it is running completely.

Finally, and the most important thing, we will orient you with proper CCTV camera security practices, including management of password, physical keys, and personnel to ensure that whole system is not compromised at your end.
We complete our service always with the assurance that we have made your business or home completely safe and secure, and you with a peace of mind.

Our commitment to you does not end there, however. We will apply the maximum warranty period to our products in case of natural failure, regular service warranty according to our agreement,and reasonable cctv price Philippines for any modification or addition to the system we have installed. Also, our customer service lines are constantly open to keep you in touch, always glad to answer any of your inquiry, and ready to offer advice when you need it most.

Protect your investments, protect your family.Protect them the Kyro Core way now.
Because at Kyro Core CCTV and IT Solutions Philippines we are committed to keep your business and your home the safe places they should be.